Payroll & Attendance Software

Payroll & Attendance Software

Payroll has an important role in a company for various reasons. Employees are very responsive to errors and irregularities in payroll. Timely and accurate payroll payments are vital to keep morale high among the employees. Payroll is also crucial because payroll and payroll taxes substantially affect the bottom lines of a company.

Perk online Payroll Software

  • Define your earnings, deductions and other salary heads
  • Create multiple salary structures
  • Flexible payroll formula builder
  • Salary item rounding rules
  • Add ad hoc earnings or deductions for a particular month.
  • Advance earning and deductions to manage future payments and deductions.
  • Process payroll with a few clicks.
  • Generate payroll based on time cards and leave cards
  • Generate salary disbursement statements and bank advices to credit employees salary
  • Make accurate Provident fund, ESI, PT, TDS and other deductions
  • Employees can access their pay slips once generated, thus saving printing cost and efforts to email pay slips
  • Add new data or perform bulk updates using Microsoft Excel
  • MIS reporting
  • Customizable pay slips

Time Attendance Software

Time attendance software is the most perfect alternative for tracking attendance of employees. No more paper pushing, attendance register punching etc. By integrating with devices it helps you completely automate the attendance process in your company.

  • Business rule-based options
  • Eliminates the need for timecards with PC/mobile/biometric options and more
  • Unlimited user-defined scheduling
  • Real-time event reporting
  • Multi-level, user-defined business policies
  • Electronic timecard management
  • Broad selection of standard reports