Travell Booking Software

Travel online booking software

Our travel reservation software offers you multiple customisable features to run your mid or large size travel agency business. Agencies are empowered by our software to make instant bookings using our simple interface. With credit allotments, agents and sub agents can book, select rooms and even pay instantly using a payment gateway or a credit facility. Ease of operation allows your agents more time to work with a number of customers without the confusion that can be involved in offline operations.

Benefit from the lowest rates available through our integration with large scale global and small-scale local suppliers worldwide. Post your own inventory with a customisable mark-up to your distribution system and expand your reach across global markets. Set up your own online travel portal to capture bookings that occur outside working hours. Create separate logins for corporate clients with preferential mark-ups to ensure that your best clients get your best rates. Manage your sub-agent network with individual logins for sub-agents.

It is easy to use and allows the agents to make following processes.

  • Shows the existing bookings
  • Show the Agents Credit Limits
  • Allows to make a new booking
  • Change passenger details (can be restricted)
  • Alteration in journeys within a booking, if needed
  • Cancellation
  • Split bookings
  • Refund
  • Easy operate queues